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So it’s been almost 1 year and two months in the clear…

Thought I’d update here as it’s been a while…

We remain bedbug-free.

I am constantly vigilant, but the paranoia has mostly eased.

If I or the kids get a mosquito bite, I still panic a little bit but am mostly ok.

If someone tells me they have a strange rash or bites, I automatically assume it’s bedbugs.

Since we’ve been clear, I’ve made two acquaintances ¬†who admitted to having/had bedbugs. I still won’t do this.

I want you to know that if you have bedbugs and are freaking out, that you can beat them and be free of them, but it’s probably for the best that your never mentally “free”, because then you can make sure you never get them again. And if you do? You’ll fork out the 5 grand for the heat and be done in one fell swoop ;)

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  1. Jeannie

    hello. I think we have bedbugs. Just needing some encouragement on how to catch them… see my blog…we’re in day 3….I’m drowning in laundry.

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